Project CONTACT: Helping Teens Plan for Their Future

Designed as a program to help youth at high risk of pregnancy and/or sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) obtain needed reproductive health services, Project CONTACT (Community Outreach Network Teaching Adolescents Contraceptive Techniques) has changed the paradigm that exists around sexual health by making strides in reducing rates…

Adolescent Sexual Health Successes in Denver

Since 2004, Denver has seen a 59% decline in teen births. Many factors contributed to this decline, with two playing a major role: access to effective contraceptives and sexual health education.

Where Did All of this Chlamydia Come From?!

Lincoln County, Oregon is seeing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in younger and younger patients. In response, Lincoln County Public Health Department has begun the process of collaborating with multiple partners in our community to extend our outreach geared towards teenagers.

Building Strong and Resilient Communities through Trauma-Informed Care

According to recent data, up to 70 percent of adults in the United States have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lives. Additional information from the Adverse Childhood Experiences study shows the long-term health effects that childhood trauma can have. In North Carolina,…