“Amber Waves” Exercise Shares Lessons Learned for Radiation Response

During the last week in September 2012, the states of Kansas and Missouri hosted the “Amber Waves” full-scale population monitoring exercise in the Kansas City metro area to prepare for a response to a radiological terrorism event. Amber Waves was a series of events surrounding…

Local Radio Station Yields High Results

Throughout the country, there are hundreds of small, low powered radio stations that provide information about an area's attractions, special road conditions, fire hazards and so much more. These little gems can be of significant use during Public Health Emergencies or area disasters

Hurricane Irene is Coming to Town

In August 2011, Richmond City Health District in Virginia was implementing new plans about how the local health department supports local shelter operations because Hurricane Irene was coming to town. We had been, and still are, refining the health department’s role in shelter support as…

Climate Change Planning at Benton County Health Services

Benton County Health Services is as an example of how to incorporate climate change planning at the County level. The Public Health Preparedness Planner used already existing partnerships and planning skills to develop the Climate Change Health Adaptation Plan.