Monroe County- Smoke-free Housing Implementation Success Story

When it comes to public health, community partnership is everything. Funding comes and goes, but the partnerships you create helps make it possible to sustain program missions even when the funds disappear.

An Inclusive Community Health Assessment Process

Community health needs assessments (CHA) allow community agencies and service providers to discuss issues. However, this process lacked representation from people that utilize community services and experience health inequities. Staff were successful in applying an inclusive approach to engage residents and organizations that represented low-income…

Cincinnati Health Department: Smoke-free Housing Implementation Success Story

By engaging residents at each step in the process, Cincinnati Health Department’s (CHD's) Creating Healthy Communities Coalition helped to implement a smoke-free multi-unit housing (SFMUH) policy for Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority’s (CMHA's) 13,000 public housing residents.

Leveraging Existing Resources to Achieve Breastfeeding Equity

Recognizing there was significant racial inequity in breastfeeding among African American mothers, the Kent County Health Department (KCHD), in Grand Rapids, Michigan, deemed the disparity unacceptable and convened a group of stakeholders to discuss this issue and ways to address it. Only 53% of African…